We are developing an RPG!

And we even have a website for it.

It has been our dream for a very long time

Now we are finally doing it and we are excited. We are approaching it with love, giving deserved attention to every detail. When we are not satisfied with available tools and engines, we build our own. No compromises.

Open World

We like open world games. No loading screens. Go wherever you want. Interact with things that catch your eye. Have fun!

Turn Based Combat

Tactical and intricate. Think well about what you will do. Support an ally? Attack an enemy? Or go into hiding to ambush them later?


Why go alone, when you can go with friends? Some of the best fun we've had was in cooperative games, so we are including that here.


Powerful AI

We are developing our own tools for state of the art artificial intelligence. Avoiding limitations of 3rd party tools will allow us to implement whatever is needed to provide the best AI for our game.

Flexible Navigation

Old school style doesn't have to carry over old school pathfinding. Living things you will meet are not going to give a wide berth to small things just because the tile system says so.


Still In Development

Everything is in flux, and will stay like that for some time. Follow us on our journey! It shall be long, but exciting and fun. We will be sharing our progress, with devlogs, tweets, videos, demos and basically anything we can throw at you as we go.


Developer Logs

Read about our development process, where things are and where are they headed.

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Where to find us


Working under the banner of Next Realm.

Our Studio

Next Realm

Let's Chat

[fantasysphere at nextrealmgames.com]


Who Are We

Just a few friends following their dreams.

team people
Peter Achberger



The rambling introvert that is trying to make all this happen. Stubbornly re-inventing the wheel.

team people

Althalos Dragonclaw


Makes the numbers that pop out when you hit something. Also tells you why you're hitting something. Says "Hmm" a lot.

team people



Plants the trees and plays with all the animals. Sanity-checks all the ideas and then makes crazy one herself.