About Fantasy Sphere

Fantasy Sphere

The universe for our games. There is magic, dragons, elfs and other creatures. Our lore is vast and we do our best to keep it consistent.

Heart Of Harmony

The first game we have planned and are currently working on. An old school RPG with tactical turn-based combat, happening in the same open world as rest of the game. With collaborative multiplayer – play through the story with your friends online. Short and linear story.

Embark on a journey as rookie mercenaries.

Town Of Dotfal

Tech demo for Heart Of Harmony. It is planned to be released for free later in 2020. It will keep evolving as we implement more and more features.

  • Starting with non-interactive, screensaver-like town, with characters and animals full of life, going on about their day.
  • Then we want to put you in the game! Talk to various characters. Play with animals. Watch and follow what happens around.
  • Talk to other players! Next step is implement our multiplayer system. At this point we aren’t sure what it will entail for this demo, but it surely will be fun.
  • Next? Not sure. We will continue working on things needed for Heart Of Harmony. Maybe we will make a full release out of this tech demo. Let us know your opinion!


As the game is in development, we are only focusing on web for now. We are keeping other platforms in mind during development, so in the future it will not be difficult to publish on any major platform, including consoles.

Why web? It allows us to reach our audience much faster. No downloads, no installs, just click and play.


At this moment we are using Phaser 3, writing the game in Haxe. We are using many libraries, but we implement most features ourselves, avoiding limitations and finding the best fit for the requirements.

You can read more about it all in our devlogs.


We are using the great asset packs from Time Fantasy. We don’t have the options to create custom art for now. That might change in the future, depending on how our options and requirements develop.